What do therapists actually do

What do therapists actually do for you? 15 Things they can do (and 6 Things they Can’t)

As a therapist in Sierra Madre, I often get asked “What do therapists actually do”? For a clearer picture of how therapy can help, I've listed 15 things therapists can do for you and 6 things they can't.     In this post: Sierra Madre Therapist Rachel Engels will answer the question “what do therapists actually do for you.” In this post, she lists 15 things therapists can help with and 6 things they can't.   By Rachel Engels, MA, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Sierra Madre)   How do you really know whether therapy is...

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How to find the right therapist in the Los Angeles Area (Free Checklist)

In this post you can download a FREE Checklist to help you in order to decide on the right therapist in the Los Angeles area for you.   Finding a therapist in the Los Angeles area is hard. Finding the right therapist for YOU is even harder.  That’s why our community of therapists and counselors created this Best-Fit Checklist.   We know you’re not just looking for someone, because you’re looking for someone YOU feel good about. You want someone YOU can trust with the full weight of your worries.   This PDF should help you decide on the...

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How to find Motivation: what REALLY works (according to a Psychologist)

Wondering how to find motivation that lasts? Here's how to do it and what most people get wrong about motivation according to this Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist.     In this post: you’ll find the real secret is on how to get motivation (as explained by a Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist Jeff Creely) that lasts. Jeff will also explain what doesn’t work and what practical steps you can take to work towards lasting motivation.   By Jeff Creely, PhD (Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist)     The secret on how to get motivation is actually very...

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can couples counseling help

Can couples counseling help: 3 issues most long-term couples have

How can couples counseling help solve 3 of the most common fighting patterns long-term couples struggle with? A Downtown Los Angeles Therapist explains. In this post: A Downtown Los Angeles Therapist, Lisa Tannehill, breaks down the 3 ruts most couples fall into and she also answers the questions of "can couples counseling help" specific to each fighting pattern. By Lisa Tannehill, a Family and Marriage Therapist who offers Downtown Los Angeles Couples Counseling Hardly anything beats the feeling of living life alongside your best friend when you’re feeling completely seen and completely loved. Unfortunately,...

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