Psychological Testing & Assessment

Superior Psychological Testing That You Can Afford

Sync Counseling Center offers affordable, individualized psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults. Psychological testing can provide you with information that will help you make important decisions about the future of you, your child, parent, spouse, or family member.


At the conclusion of testing, you will have a clear and helpful report of the testing results, so that you’ll be able to make informed choices about your future and well-being or the care of your loved one.


At Sync Counseling Center, we offer comprehensive psychological evaluations and neuropsychological testing in order to answer the questions you have about the strengths and weaknesses of your learning style. Our assessment includes a clinical interview to gather background information, comprehensive testing of intellectual, emotional, cognitive functioning, learning and behavioral assessment, and a thorough report with recommendations.



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Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Learning disabilities and ADHD are common but are frequently misdiagnosed. Psychological testing can determine the correct diagnosis and the course of treatment that will make lasting difference in your loved one’s life.


If you or a loved one is struggling, you may have ADHD or learning inefficiencies that are making work or school more challenging for you. Testing for learning disabilities and ADHD may be helpful if:

  • You constantly find yourself getting distracted when it comes to completing a task
  • You start many projects and have difficulty finishing
  • You have trouble meeting deadlines or completing work in a thorough manner.
  • You find that you are confused by instructions or tasks that seem to come naturally to others


Learning disabilities and attention disorders are caused by differences in cognitive functioning, such as learning, attention, memory, processing speed, mental organizational strategies, and retrieval techniques.


Our tests can diagnose Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults and children 14 years and older. Once your cognitive differences are identified, targeted interventions can be learned to help improve your ability to learn and complete tasks.


Psychological Testing

Have you been to several doctors and heard a number of different diagnoses? Has a psychiatrist placed you on medication that you don’t feel is working? Is your mood negatively affecting your ability to work, attend school, or participate in interpersonal relationships?


Our psychodiagnostic testing services can help answer complex diagnostic questions and provide recommendations for treatment.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Are you recovering from a concussion or a traumatic brain injury? Have you been diagnosed with a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s Disease? Have you recently had a stroke, tumor, or other physical change in your brain?


These syndromes and conditions are often accompanied by changes in thinking and memory. If you have noticed a shift in your cognition following a neurological or brain disease, a neuropsychological evaluation can better clarify your functional abilities and deficits. Based on the findings, a treatment protocol and compensatory strategies will be recommended to help you maintain your functioning and independence.


Quality Psychological Testing that You Can Afford

Sync is committed to providing excellent neuropsychological assessment and testing that is also affordable. As a non-profit organization, we provide psychological testing on a sliding scale that is based on your income and ability to pay.


The fees involved in testing will vary according to your needs and the assessments required. For more information about pricing, please call to book a free consultation.


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How long does the evaluation take?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation in which we will determine what type of testing is best for your case. During this consultation, your psychologist will explain to you the process of testing and you are welcome to ask any questions you might have. We will then schedule with you an appointment to complete your testing, which typically takes between 1 and 5 hours, depending on what diagnostic questions we are attempting to answer. If necessary, the testing sessions can be split up over two days.


After the testing is complete, your psychologist will score and interpret all your results. You will be presented with a report that includes a diagnosis, summary of our findings, and recommendations for interventions and support. You will then be invited back to discuss the findings with your psychologist. You can expect this entire process to take between 4 and 6 weeks. If you need rushed services, we can provide testing and results with a quicker turnaround for an extra fee.


What is involved in a psychological evaluation?

Depending on your referral question, a psychological evaluation will typically begin with an hour long interview with the client and a parent, guardian, spouse, or partner in order to learn more about your history and current functioning.


The testing itself involves a number of paper and pencil tests that assess various factors such as memory, learning style, organizational strategies, behavior, mood, personality, and psychological functioning. Each testing battery is personalized to answer the client’s specific referral question. All tests will be completed in our office with your psychologist present.


What is included for the price of my evaluation?
  • Clinical interview session to get to know your background and hear your concerns
  • Review of records in order to learn about your history and current functioning. You are encouraged to bring in any documents (medical records, school reports, etc.) for your psychologist to review and incorporate into your assessment and report.
  • Comprehensive testing using the latest technology and research-based measures of intellectual and psychological functioning.
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Academic assessment
  • Psychological assessment
  • Integrated report with recommendations
  • Feedback session to discuss the report and answer any lingering questions
  • Opportunity for ongoing therapy and consultation with our experienced doctoral level clinical psychologists


What happens after an assessment?

Following an assessment, you will walk away with a diagnosis, a thorough report of both your strengths and areas of limitations, and recommendations for how to proceed. We base our recommendations off of the most current research and best clinical practices.


Following your testing session, we will write a report of our findings and conduct a feedback meeting to explain our diagnosis and recommendations. This is also a time for you to process the information and ask any questions you might have. We can also provide ongoing consultation and/or therapy to help you navigate the recommendations that are made for your specific case.


How much will the assessment cost?

As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer psychological testing on a sliding scale based on your income.


The cost of psychological testing will vary depending on your needs and the assessments required. However, the pricing of our assessments starts at well below comparable services in the area without sacrificing excellence.


Will insurance cover the cost of my testing?

Your psychological testing may be covered by your insurance provider, meaning that you may be able to obtain partial reimbursement for your assessment costs. Please ask your consulting psychologist about how you can use your insurance.