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Finding the right therapist doesn’t have to be rocket science. Maria will guide you through a few questions and find a therapist that fits your needs. That way you can get the help you need without the hassle.

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Still not sure which therapist is right for you? Give us a call and we’ll get you the help you need.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy



Sync Counseling Center offers affordable local resources, therapy and counseling for couples and individuals. Our caring professional therapists help you discover healing and lasting change in relationships with your spouse or partner as well as with family and blended family challenges.  Please read below to learn more about our beautiful facilities, trained therapists and effective counseling services.

Our trained marriage counselors are specialists who have helped hundreds of couples make it through the darkest of times.


At its essence, marriage therapy is a process of helping partners establish a more reliable and direct connection to each other.


Within the safety of the therapeutic process, couples are able to discover renewed connection and begin to cross the bridge back to a relationship of mutual love, trust & companionship. This is what love was meant to be.

Find Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy


Few experiences in life are as difficult or painful as when you feel like your marriage is a constant struggle or worse, failing… You may have searched the web for phrases like: “How can I save my marriage?”, “How do I fix my broken marriage?” or “Find a good marriage counselor”… and found thousands of search results. That is because EVERY MARRIED COUPLE experiences tough times and challenges in their marriage.


There are many factors that contribute to marital conflict and isolation. Sync marriage and relationship counselors help couples with…

  • Financial crisis
  • Communication
  • Loss of interest in partner
  • Extramarital affairs and infidelity

  • Career change or loss of employment
  • Parenting issues or pressures
  • Dealing with illness or a medical crisis
  • Feeling alone, unsupported, or abandoned

  • Sex and romance
  • Unwillingness or inability to forgive
  • Blending families
  • And more…


We are available 24/7 to take your call – Call (626) 802-5490!



When is it time to get marriage counseling?


One or even both partners may view going to see a counselor as a last resort, but finding a trained and competent marriage counselor can bring calm, understanding and hope to a very tense and difficult time in your relationship.



What will I get out of marriage counseling at Sync Counseling Center?


Identify – Understand – Find A Solution – Reconnect!


At Sync, a professional marriage counselor will help bring your relationship issues to light. For couples living in what feels like a loveless marriage or a state of deep pain and fear, it is critical to identify the problems specific to your relationship and uncover the key dynamics that cause partners to revisit the same problems over and over in their relationship. Once the problem is identified and both partners are aware, solutions are within reach.



What should I do if my marriage is in trouble? Or if I’m considering divorce?


So what happened? How did our connection that seemed so easy and life giving turn into something so difficult or at times intolerable? Many times couples cannot answer that question. Or, it has become too risky to even ask the question, resulting in a slow but steady drifting apart.


Good marriage therapy creates a safe place for couples to live in these questions. At its essence, marriage therapy is a process of helping partners establish a more reliable and direct connection to each other.



What can you do right now?


  • Realize that ALL marriages experience difficult times and that many couples are able to work through their problems and discover new hope, romance, trust, and partnership.
  • Try to limit negative thoughts and focus on something productive.
  • Reach out and find support in trusted friends keeping in mind that…while friends can be a great source of advice and support, be careful about drawing battle lines with friends that can be potentially damaging.
  • Do not wait to find a caring professional counselor to help!


If you or someone you know is experiencing trouble in their marriage or considering divorce, Sync Counseling Center has professional counselors specializing in marriage and relationships available 24/7 to help bring health and happiness back to your relationship.


Please call us now at (626) 802-5490, we will help you find the therapist that would best fit your particular needs. If you are reading this and need help taking the next step toward the loving relationship you want… It really can happen! Sometimes we just need help to get back onto the path of healing and hope.





This means we’ll…

  1. Take your call 24/7
  2. Set an appointment with a counselor specializing in marriage and relationships.
  3. Provide you with an affordable plan to bring health and happiness back to your relationship.


Our trained therapists are committed to helping couples. In this safe place (within the safety of the therapeutic process), couples are able to discover renewed connection and may begin to cross the bridge back to a relationship of mutual love and trust. We experience love when our needs and desires are taken seriously. This is what love was meant to be.



4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Relationship:
  • Agree, as a couple, to schedule a session with a counselor
  • Call Sync now to speak to someone and book a session with one of our trained marriage specialists
  • Make note of your feelings and the circumstances leading to the current difficulty
  • Commit to attending your first session with an open heart and mind


Marriage Counseling and Relationship Problems FAQ


What if my spouse will not agree to see a counselor?


If your spouse is hesitant to see a counselor, here are a few options:

  • One of our trained counselors will be available to speak by phone with your spouse to address any questions or concerns he/she may have prior to scheduling a first appointment.
  • You may want to consider beginning your own process of individual therapy, as this can often be an important complement to couples therapy.


What will happen at our first marriage counseling session?


Each partner will come away with an understanding of why connecting has become difficult. This is not a blaming session. Rather it is the beginning to understand how you have drifted apart. This is crucial, because we cannot change things we don’t understand. The therapist will outline a process for getting the help you need.


How many sessions should I expect to attend before I see improvement?


If a couple decides to come to therapy they will already begin to change. Becoming “willing” is one of the most important elements for change. However, depending on the level of crisis in the marriage, most couples begin to see improvement in 3 – 10 sessions.


Does the counseling staff at Sync ever recommend that a married couple get a divorce?


The decision to divorce is one not to be taken lightly. It is a decision that must be made by the marital couple. Most couples get a divorce not because of what they know, but because of what they “don’t know” about themselves and their partner, and how to live in an intimate relationship. Sync staff help couples discover what they don’t know about making a relationship work. Many times this prevents couples from divorce, but if a couple comes to the conclusion of divorce, Sync staff will guide and support them in the process.


How can we afford to pay for counseling services at Sync?


Sync accepts most PPO health insurance companies as an out-of-network provider, which can help offset the costs of therapy. Sync also offers sliding scale services for those living on a limited income. Contact our office at (626) 802-5490 for more information.


Sync accepts the following payments:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover


What should I do if I am in a currently abusive or violent relationship?


  • If you are ever in immediate physical danger call 911.
  • Seek alternative living arrangements with a family member, friend, or local shelter.
  • If the diagram below fits a similar pattern of violence in your own relationship, it may be time to get help.

Please call Sync Counseling Center right now to get help if you are in an abusive relationship.


My spouse cheated on me. What can I do?


If there has been infidelity in your relationship, you may be feeling a wide array of emotions from anger and betrayal to hurt and sadness.  It can often be difficult to reach out to family or friends for support when such a personal and private betrayal happens in a marriage or dating relationship.

  • Find a safe place where you can begin to talk about your experience.
  • Isolation in painful times can lead to increased emotional difficulties.
  • Consider seeking individual counseling for yourself to sort through the many emotions you may be feeling.
  • If both partners are open to seeking help for the relationship, contact one of our marriage counselors today.


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