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Sync Counseling Center is a group practice with 5 locations throughout Los Angeles county. This enables us to provide you with a level of expertise and care that you’ll feel from the moment you sit down with one of our therapists. Select one of our counseling offices to see therapists available in your area.

Here at Sync we believe lasting change occurs through genuine connection. When we are truly understood by another as we are, something shifts deep within us. We’re able to find peace, joy, and intimacy again. That’s the journey I want to help you with. Contact one of our therapists so you can take the first steps toward change today.


Curtis Miller, PsyD, DMin, LMFT

Change through Connection at Sync

Our trained counselors are specialists who have helped many people discover lasting change and satisfaction in their lives. At its essence, counseling is a process of helping individuals bring to light what is currently not working and how they would like to improve.


Within the safety of the therapeutic process, adults, teens and children are able to gain understanding and can begin to find freedom, health and happiness.


This is what life was meant to be. Individual counseling deals directly with establishing healthy ways to manage and resolve difficult and painful feelings. We are not designed as human beings to accomplish this alone.

At Sync Counseling Center, our trained counselors are specialists who have helped hundreds of adults, teens, and children discover renewed emotional health in their life and relationships. Sync therapists help individuals with…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD and ADD in adults, teens, and children
  • Lack of confidence
  • Trauma

  • Managing time and stress
  • Negative thoughts
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Dealing with illness and medical crises
  • Sexual abuse

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Divorce
  • Pornography and sex addiction
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • And more…

Get Connected with a Counselor

When is it time to get counseling?


One of the most important reasons to seek individual counseling is to find relief from painful feelings. These painful emotions can often cause us to feel anxious or depressed and increase problems in our relationships. If you are struggling and your relationships are suffering, it may be time to seek individual counseling.



What will I get out of individual therapy at Sync Counseling Center?


Identify – Understand – Find A Solution & A New Way


It has been said, “If our feelings are not well with us there is no health.” This thought is not far from the truth. Individual counseling is about learning how to live well with our feelings.


The problem is that often when difficult feelings do not receive the necessary responses of attention and understanding they inevitably go elsewhere. The issue is not that we have anxiety or depression. What happens more often is that when we are not recognized and understood in those feelings that they do not get resolved. Rather, those feelings intensify, finding their way into behavior problems, relationship conflicts, and/or they get lodged into the physical body itself.


Individual counseling deals directly with establishing healthy ways to manage and resolve difficult and painful feelings. We are not designed as human beings to accomplish this alone. The help of a trained counselor can provide a place for this healing to occur.



What can you do right now?


If you or someone you know is in need of individual counseling, Sync Counseling Center has professional therapists with a wide array of specialities available to assist you.


Please call us now to be connected with one of our qualified therapists. It is never too late to experience a healing change in emotional life. People who choose this option are almost always happier and more fulfilled in their life situations. Sometimes we just need help to get back on track.





This means we’ll…

  1. Take your call 24/7
  2. Set an appointment with a Counselor specializing in family dynamics and relationships.
  3. Provide you with an affordable plan to bring health and happiness back to your family.


Our trained therapists are committed to helping individuals. In this safe place, within the safety of the therapeutic process – adults, teens and children are able to gain understanding and can begin to find freedom, health and happiness. We can heal when our needs and desires are taken seriously. This is what life was meant to be.



Struggling and Need Help? 4 Things You Can Do Right Now:
  1. Decide to schedule a session with a counselor
  2. Call Sync now to speak with someone who will connect you with a therapist based on your individual needs
  3. Make note of your feelings and the circumstances leading to the current difficulty
  4. Commit to attending your first session with an open heart and mind

Experience Life in…


We Can Help — Reach Out Today

Adult, Teen & Child Counseling FAQ


What will happen at my first counseling session?


You will be given the space to begin to share your story and the current difficulties in your life. By the end of the first session, your therapist will have begun to conceptualize a plan and provide you with detailed information about the structure of the therapy process.


How many sessions should I expect to attend before I see improvement?


Becoming willing is one of the most important elements for change. However, depending on the level of crisis, most people begin to experience improvement in 5 – 10 sessions.


How can we afford to pay for counseling services at Sync?


Sync accepts most PPO health insurance companies as an out-of-network provider, which can help offset the costs of therapy. Sync also offers sliding scale services for those living on a limited income. Contact our office at (626) 802-5490 for information.


Sync accepts the following payments:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover


Have a question about individual counseling? We’d love to hear from you.