Resiliency: Transformation Through Life’s Challenges

by Christian Bonilla, MA, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist   What is resilience? I think we can all agree that life is amazing when everything is running smoothly.  However, life does not always work that way.  It is simply too unpredictable.  I became quite familiar with this fact thirteen years ago, at the age of fifteen.  The result of a diving accident at a lake left me paralyzed from the chest down.  Life as I knew it would never be the same.  Gone was my ability to play instruments and run for my...

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Unrest: a Nation Shouts for Justice

The past few weeks of turbulent unrest in our country shine a global spotlight on the systemic racism and injustice embedded in our history's foundation.   We grieve with our Black brothers and sisters.  Many have watched or heard of those brutal final moments in the life of George Floyd.  As fellow human beings, we are finding ways to take a stand for racial justice in our communities. Even so: Racial injustice in our society has pervasive systemic roots that are not easily uprooted.  While protests and voices and bodies raised in...

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Divorce, Child, Cope

Divorce Through The Eyes Of A Child

  By Annie Miller, LMFT   This is blog post #1 in the series "Helping My Child Cope After A Divorce."    Sometimes things breakdown in a relationship.  A marital relationship is no exception. A troubled marriage can leaves spouses hurt, confused, lost, and angry, especially when it leads to divorce.  Children are intuitive, and will often anticipate a divorce long before parents communicate this to the child. So, what does divorce look like for children and how can you help them cope? We have the answer below.    What Does Divorce Look Like Through The Eyes Of...

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Children and divorce

4 Things That Every Child Affected By Divorce Needs 

By Annie Miller, LMFT


This is blog post #2 in the series “Helping My Child Thrive After A Divorce.” Check out the first blog post in the series here


Are you wondering what divorce does to a child? Divorce is not easy for anyone. It is especially hard for kids. Researchers have found that the first year after divorce tends to be the hardest on kids. 


As a parent, you can help your child cope with the divorce much better if you understand what they need to help them get through this difficult time. Here are some things that every child who is coping with their parents’ divorce needs.