What do therapists actually do

What do therapists actually do for you? 15 Things they can do (and 7 Things they Can’t)

As therapist in Sierra Madre, I often get asked “What do therapists actually do”? “What can a therapist do and what can’t a therapist do”. To help you clear that up, I’ve listed 15 ways they can and 7 they can’t.     In this post: Sierra Madre Therapist Rachel Engels will answer the question “what do therapists actually do for you.” In this post she lists 15 things can and 7 things they can't.   By Rachel Engels, Ma, Ncc, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist)   How do you really know whether...

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How to find Motivation: what REALLY works (according to a Psychologist)

Wondering how to find motivation that lasts? Here's how to do it and what most people get wrong about motivation according to this Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist.     In this post: you’ll find the real secret is on how to get motivation (as explained by a Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist Jeff Creely) that lasts. Jeff will also explain what doesn’t work and what practical steps you can take to work towards lasting motivation.   By Jeff Creely, PhD (Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Downtown Los Angeles Psychologist)     The secret on how to get motivation is actually very...

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Borderline Personality Disorder: Finding Empowerment for Change

by Bekke Abe   Have you ever experienced the internal feelings of “falling apart,” “shattered,” “beside yourself,” and/or “abandoned?” Have you experienced symptoms and behavior of inability to mask reactive mood, chronic feelings of emptiness, fear of abandonment, pattern of unstable interpersonal relationships, marked and persistent unstable self-image or sense of self, and impulsivity that are potentially self-damaging?   Dr. James A. Chu states that “this dissociative sense of fracturing results in psychic distress and a paralysis of functioning in which associative capacity – access to thoughts, feelings, normal abilities, and judgment –...

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Depression and Suicide

by Bekke Abe


depression and suicide

Depression is real. We have all experienced the pain, the burden, and the hopelessness. We have all been in that valley of darkness. Depression is not selective, it hits all different people from all walks of life; the poor, the middle class, the rich, the famous (i.e., Robin Williams, Avicii, Kate Spade, etc.), the spiritual (i.e, Rick Warren’s son Matthew), and the list goes on.