Affordable_Counseling in Downtown Los Angeles

Is there Affordable Counseling in Downtown Los Angeles?

Short answer? Yes, there is affordable counseling in Downtown Los Angeles. We know it's challenging finding affordable counseling in Downtown Los Angeles and we know it's even harder making room in your budget for Therapy when you live in Downtown Los Angeles. EVERYTHING is expensive: rent, food, and parking. These high costs is often the reason why many therapists in the Downtown Los Angeles area charge significantly more than in other areas. Don't worry if the cost is the biggest factor standing between you and connecting with a Therapist. The cost of...

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Work Stress Solutions and Symptoms

Your Survival Guide to Work Stress: Symptoms and Simple Solutions

Excessive work stress might feel like a natural, yet unfortunate, part of being a working adult. However, studies suggest it's not natural, or something you're built to deal with. It's something you should actively reduce. [perfectpullquote align="full" bordertop="false" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""] In this Survival Guide our Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Bekke Abe, will show: what is work stress and how can it affect your health; how can you identify whether you're suffering from work stress; which small steps you can take today toward reducing work stress. [/perfectpullquote] What is Work...

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