Grounded In the Present: Now. Here. This.

  By Emily Phifer    In overwhelming circumstances, with no end in sight, we may find ourselves challenged by knowing how best to survive the day- to- day marathon of our lives.   Disruptions to our routines, plans, and usual rhythms can bring overwhelm and disorientation for even the most balanced of people.  Our overwhelm is a normal and valid response to the stressors, changes and uncertainty we are collectively experiencing. We are normal, we are overwhelmed, and we are struggling, together.   Father Greg Boyle, the Jesuit priest and founder/director of “Homeboy Industries” organization with...

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Giving Your “Good Enough”

  By Emily Phifer   A few months back, I was contemplating the importance of giving of ourselves-- to the world, to our work, to those around us.    For me personally, when I go to offer anything of myself to the world, it’s very easy for me to get caught up by my own inadequacy, insecurity, and uncertainty.  The following questions readily bubble to the surface: “What if I don’t say just the right thing? What if someone has already shared an idea like mine before? What if what I have to give isn’t...

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Coping With Sudden Change: Listening to the Trees

  By Curtis Miller and Emily Phifer   In nature, we see reflected back to us a truth we also encounter in our core experience as humans: Life is unpredictable and difficult.    When the unexpected hits, every aspect of our being is challenged - mind, body and soul.  Like trees buffeted about by strong, gale force winds, we must adapt and move in response to what hits us - bending with the challenge, and not fighting against it. When we face unexpected hardship, we are forced to face the crisis at hand, even as we...

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