Ever wonder why the same issues keep coming up in your relationship? Why disagreements sometimes escalate out of control? What gets in the way of healthy dialogue?


Our Couple Enrichment Program aims to help you and your partner work through these tough questions, but more importantly, it aims to help you renew a deep, authentic connection so you can cross the bridge to mutual appreciation, love, trust and companionship.


“Through good conversation, you experience connection and understand. When we are understood, difficult feelings change with resulting freedoms to engage life.” – Curtis Miller, PSYD, DMIN, LMFT is a Psychoanalyst and the Executive Director of SYNC.

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Here’s how our 6-Week Couples Enrichment Program works…

Our relationship program includes: 

This package includes an in-depth couples assessment along with 6 x couples counseling session with one of our therapists. You choose the therapists you and your partner feel at home with.


It also includes a relationship assessment to give you feedback that will strengthen and enrich your relationship.


Your therapist will collaborate with you and your partner to determine the course of your therapy sessions, starting with your assessment.


6 x Session program – $350

Couples Assessment – $35 *

* $35 couples assessment fee paid separately on Prepare & Enrich website at the time of assessment.

After 6 weeks, you can continue your couples therapy or individual therapy at a rate agreed upon by you and your therapist.


The Therapists participating are:


Greg Matuskiewicz
Annie Miller, LMFT – co-therapist with trainee