Curtis Miller

PsyD, DMin, LMFT


Hourly Rate: $275

Accepts PPO Insurance: Yes

Sliding Scale: Yes

Office location: Sierra Madre


Founder & Executive Director

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Contemporary psychoanalysis for adults, children, couples, & families


The most fascinating and important part of my work for the past 20 years as a therapist is the process of how to create a “really good” conversation. It may sound too simple, but it cuts to the heart of what to expect in therapy. Through good conversation, you experience connection and understanding. When we are understood, difficult feelings change with resulting freedoms to engage life.


My areas of interest flow from my life experience and passion. I know the struggles of life in a family where alcohol and abuse get mixed with kindness and love. I have experienced the joys and complexities of marriage, blended family life, adoption, parenting, and being a grandparent. I have lived in the chaos of changing careers, managing businesses, and pursuing professional development while seeking balance with personal and family life. I know of no easy way, but that the way becomes easier when we stay in dialogue. I am indebted to my wife, children, grandchildren, teachers/supervisors, authors, and my clients who have and continue to participate in my process of transformation.


The last and most recent “leg” of my educational journey ended when I received my Doctor of Psychoanalysis from the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in West Los Angeles, CA (2009). The focus was on the process of genuine dialogue and its implication for the healing process in psychotherapy. My Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy came from the California Family Study Center, now Phillips Graduate Institute, North Hollywood, CA (1991). I specialized in family therapy and family enrichment through a process called “Idealized Family System Design”. My graduate educational journey began with a Master’s of Divinity degree (1981), and later with a Doctor of Ministry degree (1988) from Fuller Theological Seminary. My emphasis always moved toward the relational experience as understood through the lenses of psychology, philosophy/theology, and a systems view of life.


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Curtis Miller is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 31636.