Look Carefully. Listen Carefully: Timeless Advice

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” knows that Fred Rogers was something special.  The PBS icon had a distinct way of connecting to, teaching, and valuing children, adults and living beings in a way that was simultaneously simple and undeniably profound.  Roger’s philosophy, rooted in the innate value of each and every person leaves a timeless legacy of living in humility, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and grow.  In these difficult and uncertain times, Mr. Rogers offers lasting wisdom and encouragement for us all as we continue learning and growing together as human beings.


In a song written by Fred Rogers in 1970 titled “Look and Listen”, Rogers implores the listener to look, listen, learn and grow carefully.  Please reflect for a moment on these profound words:



Look and Listen

Written by Fred Rogers | © 1970 Fred M. Rogers

If you will look carefully,
Listen carefully,
You will find a lot of things carefully.
Look…and listen.

It’s good to
Look carefully.
Listen carefully.
That’s the way you learn a lot of things carefully.
Look…look and listen.

Some things you see are confusing.
Some things you hear are strange.
But if you ask someone to explain one or two,
You’ll begin to notice a change in you.

If you will
Look carefully.
Listen carefully.
That’s a way to keep on growing carefully.
Look, look, look, and listen.


In looking and listening carefully while learning from others around us, there is deep wisdom and opportunity for inspiration as we grow together as human beings at this critical juncture.