How to find the right therapist for YOU (Free Checklist)

How to find the right Therapist

Finding a good therapist in your area is hard. 

Figuring out how to find THE RIGHT therapist for you is even harder.

That’s why our community of Therapists and Counsellors created this Best-Fit Checklist. We know you’re not just looking for someone, you’re looking for someone YOU feel good about, someone YOU can trust with the full weight of your worries.

Our Checklist is designed to help you find a therapist you can feel comfortable with from day 1. This Checklist gives you 4 practical checkboxes to tick. They will help you decide whether the therapist or counselor you’re considering is a good fit, specifically for you.

How to find the right Therapist

Need help finding the best options in your area?

How to find the right Therapist

Whether you’re based in Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica or Burbank, we can help.


Just give us a call or send us an email – we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.


Or you can use our area-search section below.

Once you have all your options, it’s up to you which therapist or counselor you feel good about.

What is Sync and why are we different?

Sync is a community of therapists and counsellors based in the Los Angeles area – Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Burbank.


While we all specialize in different areas, all of us agree that developing genuine relationships is the most powerful force of change in anyone’s life. That’s the kind of counselling and therapy we do. We foster meaningful, sincere connections to offer you space where you truly feel understood as you are.


Sounds too simple right? Real relationships make all the difference – particularly in creating lasting change in life.


If you need that kind of space, connect with us here and a therapist will get back to you in 24 hours.