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Counseling in Downtown Los Angeles

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We’re a group therapy practice here to guide you toward health and growth in downtown Los Angeles. Many professions in Los Angeles struggle with similar concerns: high levels of anxiety, panic, overwhelm, and burnout. These concerns tend to effect even their closest relationships, making intimacy difficult.


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It’s possible to be productive AND care for your mental health. In fact, we believe our sessions together will enable you to perform at your best, not only at work, but in your closest relationships.


We’re located in the financial district, conveniently located near you in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Let’s start this journey together.

Our Counselors in Downtown Los Angeles


We are a community of counselors committed to helping you overcome life’s obstacles. We believe this change happens when we connect with others in a genuine way. That’s why we offer counseling in Downtown Los Angeles. Let’s take the next step together.

Connor McClenahan, PsyD

Los Angeles Site Director, Anxiety and Couples Counseling
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Quincee Gideon, PsyD

Trauma and Anxiety Counseling
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Bekke Abe, MS, MA Intern

Depression and Couples Counseling
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David Leong, MS

Anxiety, Near Death Experiences
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Crystal Clements, PhD

Anxiety, Depression, Couples
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Jennifer Sandoval, PhD

Anxiety, Depression
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Couples Counseling in Downtown Los Angeles

“Couples counseling is focused on resolving the ongoing issues that make you feel “stuck” in your relationship.  Every couple has their own cycle or pattern that creates frustration and loneliness in the relationship.  I help couples get unstuck by identifying this unhelpful cycle and then creating new ways of relating that bring intimacy and connection to the relationship.”

Counseling for Anxiety in Downtown Los Angeles

“Anxiety is isolating. We try to suppress or hide our anxiety, to get rid of it like it’s a disease, yet neuroscience shows us that chronic anxiety is reduced when we are known and cared for in a safe relationship. Often our inability to calm ourselves during times of stress have to do with wounds we sustained early in childhood, where we learned we weren’t cared for; we were left alone. Therapy helps you understand your anxiety and experience it in a new way so you can feel grounded again.”

Counseling for Depression in Downtown Los Angeles

“Depression can feel hopeless, like a cloud that won’t lift. Sometimes we’re confused. We feel lethargic, sad, blue, and don’t know why. You may even wonder whether you’re feeling sad, or if there’s something chemically wrong. Whatever the case, help isn’t far away. We’re here to ask these questions with you and discover more about what you’re experiencing and what obstacles stand in your path.”

Therapy in downtown los angeles

Where do I find parking for the DTLA office?


Parking can be found at the Los Angeles Central Library.




How do I find your office?


We’re located in the Biltmore Offices off of Grand Ave. Enter at 520 S. Grand, check in at the front desk. Take the elevator to the 6th floor and find us down the hall to the right, on your right-hand side.