Jeff Creely, PhD

Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Office location: Downtown Los Angeles

Hourly Rate: $125-225

Accepts PPO Insurance: Yes

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Sexuality, Identity, Spirituality, Anxiety and Depression


Pain takes many forms; sadness, frustration, guilt, and worry. Our previous experiences have taught us how to respond to those feelings.


Problems start when how we respond just no longer works to get us what we want.


In one-on-one therapy my first goal is to be curious about why you feel and act the way you do. Awareness doesn’t bring change, it brings choice. Our goal is to make new choices that evoke your innate resiliency to challenges. I build collaborative relationships with my clients based on both compassion and honesty.


I ask questions to help us become aware of the patterns that no longer work and move toward making choices that honor your values. I often focus on our emotional experiences because emotions are an attempt to communicate something we can’t yet put into words.


Listening to those emotions gives us the power to help them. I also integrate concrete skills to help people cope with their immediate distress. I value knowing each person and meeting them where they are.


I’ve worked with a wide diversity of individuals with respect to age, ethnicity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Some of the most profound therapeutic experiences for my clients have been for those who’ve had a life radically different from mine.


Our differences matter. I’m honored to be invited to walk alongside people on their journeys.


My approach is appropriate for many concerns (anxiety, depression, motivation, relationship conflict, and life transitions), but my areas of expertise are in sexuality, identity, and spirituality & faith.


I also have significant experience with treating disordered eating.


Background: I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA in 2016.


I completed my internship at the University of California, Irvine Counseling Center and my post-doc at the Duquesne University Counseling and Wellbeing Center. Prior to private practice, I worked in college counseling centers for 4 years and have focused on developing relationships with LGBTQ+ communities and organizations to meet their unique needs.


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