Carolyn Wong



Hourly Rate: $150

Accepts PPO Insurance: Yes

Sliding Scale: Upon availability

Office location: Sierra Madre

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Families with special needs, aging, anxiety, Asian American Christian issues, & parenting


Maybe you have questions like, “Where do I fit in?” Or, “How do I make decisions when I have these conflicting values?”  Reconciling conflicting culture, faith, family expectations and personal needs can be overwhelming.  You long to be integrated and balanced.  If these concerns are for someone you care for, you feel even more desperate to find answers.  Having someone who can understand your experience can make all the difference.  When someone listens to you, really “gets” you, supports you, and works alongside you through the challenges you face, then you can have a different experience in a relationship that gives you hope and confidence to do what you didn’t think you could before.


I am a marriage and family therapist with both professional training and life experience.  Being a first generation born Asian American, I know can be an alienating experience to work through.  As a credentialed counselor and school psychologist, I worked in school settings with children, and have a heart for families who have a member with special needs.  My training and experiences allow me to be of service to you.  Please call me for a free consultation today.


(626) 325-9316

Carolyn Wong is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT96959).