Beth Palmer

MS, MDiv


Hourly Rate: $85/$95

Accepts PPO Insurance: No

Sliding Scale: Upon availability

Office locations: Burbank, Sierra Madre

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Trauma, Depression, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, Medical Issues


Sometimes it’s a trauma, or a life-transition, a loss, a love, or something seemingly random… and we come to that restless place of noticing that something has got to change in our lives.  Something has got to give!  if I am going to live a life that is meaningful to me… if I don’t want to make the same mistakes I did before… if I don’t want to keep banging my head against the same old wall… if we want to make it through this together…


It is awfully hard to do the changing on our own.  We are meant to be in community that honors who we are, that sees our stories, patterns, desires, pains, and gifts and helps us thrive.  I can be an important part of that community for you.  Give me a call and let’s see if I can help.


About Beth


Beth specializes is dealing with grief and loss, transitions, depression, trauma, medical issues, and ministry issues, and how they influence the individual and the couple and family.  She is a certified Grief Recovery specialist, and certified Prepare/Enrich (a pre-marital counseling tool) facilitator.   


(626) 268-0224

Beth is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #108589 under the supervision of Curtis Miller, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 31636.