Pasadena | Sync Counseling Center

Where do I park?


Sync’s address in Pasadena is 482 N. Rosemead Blvd. Suite 207 in Pasadena. Private parking is available in the lot accessible from Greenhill Rd. To access this lot from Rosemead Blvd., turn onto Greenhill Rd. and take the first right into the lot. Parking is also available in the parking structure beneath the office building. You may access this structure from Rosemead Blvd. Wherever you park, please park in spots designated for Sync, Guest, or Century 21. Sync is located on the second floor in suite 207.



How do I find suite 207?


If you’ve parked in the parking structure underneath the building, head toward the doors and pass through them to find the elevator. When you’ve reached the second floor, exit the elevator and turn right to walk down the hall. Sync Counseling Center will be on the right before the hallway turns to the right. When you’ve entered the lobby, flip the light switch next to your therapist’s name and relax.