Escape, Return, and Finding a Balance

By Emily Phifer, M.S. MFT   Purpose of Escape As we regularly experience and manage stress in our lives, it is worthwhile to consider the vital role and even purpose that “escape” can play in helping us to balance our days. [perfectpullquote align="full" bordertop="false" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]Within our relationships, our work and life circumstances, we often look for escape routes to offer us a much-needed detour from the constant stimuli requiring our response and engagement.[/perfectpullquote] Escape functions as a way for us to help regulate ourselves, take a break, or “numb out”....

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You May Be Grieving

By Emily Phifer, M.S. MFT     "Grief" Defined At its heart, grief is simply defined by pervasive and significant sorrow over the loss of someone, or something important to us. Grief can result from: losing a loved one, a pregnancy, a job, severed relationships, broken hopes and dreams, instability, shattered ideals, or the loss of abilities we once had. Grief can affect us in many different ways, including physical exhaustion and decreased energy, mental distraction and haze, decreased social energy to connect with others, sadness and loss of hope, and an inability to...

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