Emotional Refueling: Vital to Mental Health

by Emily Phifer, M.S. MFT   During this difficult life season, Sync Counseling Center wants to remind you that everyone can benefit from prioritizing mental health practices.  Particularly during this pandemic and the collective shifting around long-held systems of  racial inequality in our society today, you may find yourself "running on empty", depleted and fatigued.  It's not uncommon during times of personal or collective grief, or both, for people to find themselves unusually exhausted, slowed down, and having difficulty completing usual tasks or functions.  Grief and stress slow us down physically, emotionally...

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Look Carefully. Listen Carefully: Timeless Advice

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” knows that Fred Rogers was something special.  The PBS icon had a distinct way of connecting to, teaching, and valuing children, adults and living beings in a way that was simultaneously simple and undeniably profound.  Roger’s philosophy, rooted in the innate value of each and every person leaves a timeless legacy of living in humility, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and grow.  In these difficult and uncertain times, Mr. Rogers offers lasting wisdom and encouragement for us all as...

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Unrest: a Nation Shouts for Justice

The past few weeks of turbulent unrest in our country shine a global spotlight on the systemic racism and injustice embedded in our history's foundation.   We grieve with our Black brothers and sisters.  Many have watched or heard of those brutal final moments in the life of George Floyd.  As fellow human beings, we are finding ways to take a stand for racial justice in our communities. Even so: Racial injustice in our society has pervasive systemic roots that are not easily uprooted.  While protests and voices and bodies raised in...

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