Supporting Ministry Teams & Small Group Ministries

Relationships—or the ways we connect to one another—start from the moment we’re born. From our first breath, we are learning how to attach. Over the years, we learn different ways to be in relationship.


The hungry baby discovers that crying will make her caregiver come with food.


The toddler realizes tantrums in the grocery store get him a toy.


The teenager’s friend stands up to his bully and he learns he is not alone.


On it goes.


Each experience helps us to discover a pattern of relating to others that shapes who we are and what our relationships look like.


When relationships start to frustrate us, we rarely see it as an opportunity to grow, both in ourselves and with others.


What if it were possible to reawaken the ways we connect to others?


What if our relationships became the breeding ground for personal growth, God’s sanctification process, and authentic connection?


What if we returned to what God intended relationships to be? A place to experience his love and power. The is where RelateStrong can help. This material will help individuals learn to see their relationships in a new way that can bring benefit to themselves and to those with whom they interact. We’ll help individuals listen to the lessons in their relationships. They will come out knowing themselves better and becoming their better selves.


RelateStrong is a 9-session therapist-led weekly small-group program for 6-8 individuals, designed for ministry teams and church small group ministries. Sync offers RelateStrong for a cost of $65 per group per session.


For more information or to book RelateStrong for your ministry or small group, please contact Greg Kilpatrick at